John Legend on Google Assistant

by Rami Hollingsworth

Back in 2018 Google promised us more voices would eventually come to Google Assistant. Well that time has finally come and any device running Google’s Assistant software can answer your requests using John Legend’s voice. This includes Google Home speakers, Smart Displays, and on mobile versions for Android and iOS.

John’s voice is available as a cameo and will only be with us for a limited tme. All you have to do to add John Legend’s voice to Google Assistant is say “Hey Google, talk like a Legend,” and you’ll start hearing John’s voice. You can ask things like:

  • “Are you John Legend?”
  • “What’s your favorite type of music?”
  • “Who is Chrissy Teigen?”
  • “Tell me a joke.”
  • “What’s the temperature outside?”
  • “Why is the sky blue?”
  • “Hey Google, serenade me.”
  • “Hey Google, are we just ordinary people?”

As mentioned, only certain responses will sound like John Legend; other responses will be in the default voice or of one of the previous voices you chose. From my experience he can answer most questions but cant report back most of the commands like Turning lights down or up. Individual use may vary and his voice must be added to each individual device.

So, John Legend’s voice is a good start for Google, but I would prefer another voice that would be permanent and could completly take over for the default voices.

Source: Google

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John Legend on Google Assistant

by Rami Hollingsworth time to read: 1 min